Friday, February 8, 2013

Randomness: Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

On my way to the Chadwick Bell fashion show, going through the Pennsylvania Hotel, I see  this:

I think he looks like a Beagle with longer legs! This breeds official name is a Treeing Walker Coonhound.

There was also this breed of dog:

The above left is a picture of a Kuvasz(from wikipedia).I didn' get a picture of the Kuvasz I saw. I had never heard of this breed until the owner of the dog I saw told me. I thought her dog was a Great Pyrenees, the dog on the right.They look very similar, right?  was told by the Kuvasz owner thay they were bred to do pretty much the same thing.

This is the dog, Banana Joe,  won Best in Show:

Look at that face! Looks like a little Chubaca or a Ewok with black fur!

And this dog, Bugaboo,was alternate Best in Show:

I took a picture of two Chihuahua's in tutu's but my camera just didn't want to cooperate and focus.

*from wikipedia

*picture of Banana Joe and Bugaboo from a yahoo image search.

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