Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

May you all have a blessed and peaceful holiday! 

 The Christmas tree at Rockafeller Center

 A replica of the Swarovski star that is at the top of the Christmas tree.

Some Christmas decorations on Sixth Avenue. I had taken more pictres of decorations in the area, but I acidently deleted them, *sigh*

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fashion Week 2013: Inside the Tent randomness and Fashionistas

Some random fashionistas  in and around the tents.

Don't they look fabulous?!

 This girl was the girl who gave me the free lipstick at the Maybelline counter. She has on the color that was given away, fuchia. I looks good on her. I don't know if I could pull it off.
I stopped by this girl to see what she was giving away. I thought it was chocolate, but it turned out to be batteries. I should have gotten a few. 

I really liked this chair thought I didn't sit in it.

I looked tired and hagered and in need of sleep!
This guy let me take a picture of his cool Nike sneakers...

Look how they light up! LOL!

Below is some of the free stuff I got to sample and or take home...
 Beer, that was rather good...I had two...
A lint roller...

 Nail polish from Maybelline. I gave the blue to a friend and kept the pink for myself.
 These are fake cigarettes. There is only one, but i's supposed to last as long as a pack of regular cigarettes or something like that. I don't care either way, I don't smoke and I can't stand anu kind of cigarette.
 More makeup from Maybeline: silver eye shadow, I will be rocking (I got a green one last season) and a fuschia lipstick which I may give away. I don't think I can rock this color.
 This is a pretty card that was given away.
 And another pretty card I got just because they were giving them away.
 The Modem that's given away every season with all the fashion info of everyone who shows during fashion week.
 A bunch of fragrant hand sanitizer. I think I got one or two in every scent. This is what I kept(two of each) and still had more to give away!
This was a bag of dried fruit, but I ate it and filled it with trail mix I already had at home to take this picture, LOL!
I also got about twenty bottle of Smart water. I forgot to take a picture, but they give that way every season now. I was Figi some years back. I guess who ever is the sponsor that season...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Eye Candy

This months Eye candy is Rob Evans. Rob is a British boxer turned model who is currently a judge on America's Next Top Model. He's a big boy at 6'3" and buff, a rareity theses days in the male model world. Enjoy!