Sunday, November 14, 2010

Marianne Williamson

She was a guest speaker at my church(Unity of New York) today. She was inspiring and made me think about myself, my life and the power I have within me. Sometimes I forget and let my thoughts run wild and I get scared, then I remember that I have access and can connect to a very powerful sourceat any time when I remember and tap into that source.  I believe in God, always have, but not the vengful, mean God I grew up being told about. I always knew within me( my spirit) that God was loving and kind and always on my side wanting for me everything I want for myself. Marianne Williamson reminded me today that having faith in the unseen is way more powerful than having faith in what is seen and the ignorance of the world. To believe and have faith with conviction, you can change the world! I'll start with changing my life first, that's enough for me to handle right now. LOL!
This picture was a bit blurry and you can't see her face clearly because she was moving and I turned off my flash. But she was gracious enough to sigh everyones books and takes photos after the service.
I look better than I did with Kyle Eastwood last Tuesday! LMAO!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's Happening!

I'm one busy heffa! I'm behind on my posting because of shcool work which is sooooo time consuming, but I have a few minutes to post what I've been up to.

Last week, I went to see Anna Sui speak at my school. Her patternmaker, Anna Lou Plott, was my tailoring teacher years ago during my first go-round at Parsons. I wonder if she's still with Anna Sui now?

Something I did in my life drawing class on Monday. We were practicing perspective, drawing figures at different depths and still having them look like they were still in the same space. I was doing good until the last figure. I still think it looks cool, even with funky mistake of a figure at the end.

Tonight I went to see Kyle Eastwood(Clint Eastwood's eldest son) play with his jazz band at the Blue Note.  He plays the bass and his music is really good. I didn't know he was a musician even thought I did know how much of a jazz fan his father is. I only remember Kyle from the one movie he did with his father, Honkytonk Man way back in 1982. He's contributed to the sound tracks of several of his fathers movies such as, Invictus, Gran Torino and Letters From Iwo Jima.

The Blue Note allows you take pictures, but not with a flash, I guess so as not to distract the artists while they are playing since it's such a small venue. I was sitting very close to the stage. My fist two pictures came out blurry and when I adjusted my camera, I didn't realize my flash had turned back on! I got this good picture though I just wish the girls head wasn't in the frame, but you can still see Kyle pretty well. He looks like his father when he was younger, especially when he got into his music and he squinted, that's when he looked just like his father did in the Sergio Leone westerns he did.

I would love to deny that is me in the picture because I look so wrong!!!!!!! I could have sworn I was smiling and not talking and  lord knows I should have matted that shine on my face before I came out of the ladies room, but that  room was so small, you couldn't linger long in there to fix anything, I damn near fell into the broom closet! Anyway, I am showing my lack of vanity and providing proof of meeting Kyle Eastwood who was gracious enough to take this picture with me and shake my hand. He's a really nice guy. This is how close and up personal you can get with the artists at The Blue Note. I was able to get Nancy Wilsons autograph when I saw her perform there over a decade ago, before I had a digital camera!

Okay, I'm going to go practice my camera ready face! I will be ready next time to take a decent picture!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Eye Candy!

This is Larry Scott. I actually met him back in February 1998 backstage at a Tommy Hilfiger fashion show. He was really cool. I took a picture with him that I was going to post but I can't seem to find where I saved it...dayum! When I find it I will post it. He had been gone from modeling  for a minute, but I'm so glad to see him back. I"ll also be posting more pics of some of the celebs I've met in my fashion adventures. Until then, enjoy Larry for the month.

 I found the picture of me and Larry! It's from February 1998, right after Tommy Hilfiger's mens couture show. He was so cool when I asked to take this picture, he threw his arm around me and hammed it up! Ahhhh those were the days. *sigh*