Sunday, November 14, 2010

Marianne Williamson

She was a guest speaker at my church(Unity of New York) today. She was inspiring and made me think about myself, my life and the power I have within me. Sometimes I forget and let my thoughts run wild and I get scared, then I remember that I have access and can connect to a very powerful sourceat any time when I remember and tap into that source.  I believe in God, always have, but not the vengful, mean God I grew up being told about. I always knew within me( my spirit) that God was loving and kind and always on my side wanting for me everything I want for myself. Marianne Williamson reminded me today that having faith in the unseen is way more powerful than having faith in what is seen and the ignorance of the world. To believe and have faith with conviction, you can change the world! I'll start with changing my life first, that's enough for me to handle right now. LOL!
This picture was a bit blurry and you can't see her face clearly because she was moving and I turned off my flash. But she was gracious enough to sigh everyones books and takes photos after the service.
I look better than I did with Kyle Eastwood last Tuesday! LMAO!

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