Thursday, January 26, 2012

Word of the week...Healing.

We often think that the word "healing" refers to relieving or curing a physical ailment. Although healing includes this type of manifestation, the true meaning of the word means to bring wholeness to every area of our lives. Healing and curing are different things. To "cure" means to stop deterioration from happening, as in curing meat to stop it from spoilage. We are affirming healing as the divine idea of God.

True healing is bringing the whole of God's life and power, not only to the body temple, but to our minds, our relationships, our work and our abundance consciousness.

Healing is the full realization that Divine Life, Love, and Light are actively at work in and through your mind, body and life right now.

When you have finished reading this, I invite you to close your eyes and call forth the presence and power of Divine Wholeness. Feel it moving through you, releasing, calming, and restoring the full power of God to you entire being.

Affirm: I AM restored and renewed by the presence and power of God's healing love.

Paul Tenaglia
Senior Minister
Unity of New York

Year of the Dragon

Happy belated Chinese New Year. I forgot until it was mentioned yesterday, but saw that it was officially the January 23rd. Gong Xi Fa Ca! That's the traditional Chinese New Year greeting that means “wishing you prosperity” in Mandarin*.

This years heralds the Lunar New Year of the Water Dragon, a once in every 60 years occurrence. The dragon is perceived as a mystical and auspicious creature in Chinese cultures and this year is expected to bring prosperity and transformational change.**

My year doesn't roll around again until 2018. I was born in the year of the Dog. Until then...


Happy Australia Day!

Today Australian citizens and residents celebrate the landing of First Fleet in Port Jackson in 1788. I guess it's the equivilant to the The Fourth of July here in the US!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Word of the week... Light

I got some (not so) unexpected news that has me  off center and a bit stressed. I will apply this message today just to give myself  peace of mind until the situation works itself out.  

What part of life seems difficult to get a handle on? Healing? Abundance? Relationships? It can be frustrating when the rest of life is going well, but this one area seems to be stalled, especially when your prayers don't seem to work in moving this desired good into manifestation. Today I invite you to release any care or concern you have about your life to God.

We may be attempting to make this area of our lives work by ourselves - no matter that we say we are giving it over to God. But if we are constantly worried about it, or wracking our brains to solve the problem, then we really haven't turned it fully over to our Creator. And if we are only willing to let a part of it go, then we haven't let it go at all.

Today I invite you to let the power of Divine Light illumine your divine path and allow God to show you what needs to be done for your full good to come forth.

Affirm: God is the light on my path; my way to complete success is made clear.

With Love and Faith,
Paul Tenaglia
Senior Minister, Unity of New York

Monday, January 16, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Word Of the week...DREAM!

My dream? To own my own luxuray fashion company, drive a platinum Mercedes benz,have a little villa in Tuscany region of Italy, Travel the world, meet a my right and perfect guy, get married and have kids! What's your dream?

What is the biggest, most wonderful, most joyful dream you've ever had? Most of us think this dream is a mere fantasy, a flight of fancy that never could have happened, but it sure is fun to imagine. Do you know that God has never given us a dream or image of absolute good without a means of having it manifest in our lives? It's true.

Now, it doesn't mean that the dream will appear exactly as we image it. But your dream contains clues as to how to have the best life you could ever have - open yourself to God's message of wholeness, abundant good and success by asking God: What does this dream mean and what is it I'm supposed to know from it? God will reveal the next step in your divine path to your total good. Follow your dreams; they're trying to get your attention!

Affirm: My dream is from God, and I AM abundantly blessed.

With Love and Faith,
Paul Tenaglia
Senior Minister, Unity of New York

Friday, January 6, 2012

Word of the week: Faith

Faith. This was the word of the week  that I got in my email. I have been feeling a bit down about some things, but there is a part of me, my spiritual part, that never loses faith no matter what is going on in my life. Not losing faith and never giving up has pulled me up and out of a lot of sh*t! 

What do I really believe about life? That it's crummy and getting worse? That I'll never have the finances/career success/holy relationship/vibrant health/(fill in the blank) that I've longed for God-knows-how-long? At this start of the new year, I invite you to stop the limited and defeatist thinking that is actually blocking God from bringing you all that you've dreamed about and desired. Jesus told the woman who had been bleeding for years: "Your faith has made you whole."

If you haven't had the healing, the abundance, or the mate you've been seeking, it doesn't mean it isn't waiting for you; it means that you've been attempting to do God's work without allowing God full control. Have faith that God knows how to do God's work, and give up trying to do what you don't know how to do! Give permission today for God to do what God does so well, and accept that your Creator is doing exactly what needs to be done within you.

Affirm: God knows how to do my life; I let go in faith and all is well in my world.

With Love and Faith,
Paul Tenaglia
Senior Minister, Unity of New York

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Something I covet...Swedish Hasbeens

I love shoes! I mean I work with clothes all day and I get to the point I don't want to look at clothes let alone shop for them. Shoes, however, are a different story. Shoes just turn me on! I was not mad at Amel de Marcos and all her shoes. I have my own collection going and below are some I am longing to add.

They are from a Swedish company called Swedish Hasbeens. I saw them on some elses blog, I forget whose, but anyway I was smitten when I saw these. They look comfortable and like you will be able to walk in them and be fashionably cute!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Eye Candy

January 2012  eye candy is Donny Lewis. There is just something so sensual and sexy about him. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Many blessings for peaceful and prosperous year to all!
Have fun, stay safe!