Friday, January 6, 2012

Word of the week: Faith

Faith. This was the word of the week  that I got in my email. I have been feeling a bit down about some things, but there is a part of me, my spiritual part, that never loses faith no matter what is going on in my life. Not losing faith and never giving up has pulled me up and out of a lot of sh*t! 

What do I really believe about life? That it's crummy and getting worse? That I'll never have the finances/career success/holy relationship/vibrant health/(fill in the blank) that I've longed for God-knows-how-long? At this start of the new year, I invite you to stop the limited and defeatist thinking that is actually blocking God from bringing you all that you've dreamed about and desired. Jesus told the woman who had been bleeding for years: "Your faith has made you whole."

If you haven't had the healing, the abundance, or the mate you've been seeking, it doesn't mean it isn't waiting for you; it means that you've been attempting to do God's work without allowing God full control. Have faith that God knows how to do God's work, and give up trying to do what you don't know how to do! Give permission today for God to do what God does so well, and accept that your Creator is doing exactly what needs to be done within you.

Affirm: God knows how to do my life; I let go in faith and all is well in my world.

With Love and Faith,
Paul Tenaglia
Senior Minister, Unity of New York

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