Thursday, January 26, 2012

Word of the week...Healing.

We often think that the word "healing" refers to relieving or curing a physical ailment. Although healing includes this type of manifestation, the true meaning of the word means to bring wholeness to every area of our lives. Healing and curing are different things. To "cure" means to stop deterioration from happening, as in curing meat to stop it from spoilage. We are affirming healing as the divine idea of God.

True healing is bringing the whole of God's life and power, not only to the body temple, but to our minds, our relationships, our work and our abundance consciousness.

Healing is the full realization that Divine Life, Love, and Light are actively at work in and through your mind, body and life right now.

When you have finished reading this, I invite you to close your eyes and call forth the presence and power of Divine Wholeness. Feel it moving through you, releasing, calming, and restoring the full power of God to you entire being.

Affirm: I AM restored and renewed by the presence and power of God's healing love.

Paul Tenaglia
Senior Minister
Unity of New York
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