Thursday, January 19, 2012

Word of the week... Light

I got some (not so) unexpected news that has me  off center and a bit stressed. I will apply this message today just to give myself  peace of mind until the situation works itself out.  

What part of life seems difficult to get a handle on? Healing? Abundance? Relationships? It can be frustrating when the rest of life is going well, but this one area seems to be stalled, especially when your prayers don't seem to work in moving this desired good into manifestation. Today I invite you to release any care or concern you have about your life to God.

We may be attempting to make this area of our lives work by ourselves - no matter that we say we are giving it over to God. But if we are constantly worried about it, or wracking our brains to solve the problem, then we really haven't turned it fully over to our Creator. And if we are only willing to let a part of it go, then we haven't let it go at all.

Today I invite you to let the power of Divine Light illumine your divine path and allow God to show you what needs to be done for your full good to come forth.

Affirm: God is the light on my path; my way to complete success is made clear.

With Love and Faith,
Paul Tenaglia
Senior Minister, Unity of New York
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