Friday, January 22, 2010

Eye candy

This is french model Patrick Petitjean. I usually don'y like facial hair to much on men, but on some it works and the the beard works on him.He;s got great eyes and it don't hurt that he's nekkid either! Is it a sin to think he looks like Jesus and have wicked thoughts about him?

Getting things done.

I am coming off the PMS blah's that has kept me from a lot of the projects I wanted to work on this month.I'm also working to keep myself from the anxiety I feel when a day goes by and I haven't done anything that will get me closer to completing a project or closer to completing any of my goals. I've stated some of the goals I wanted to reach within the first three months of 2010, but I don't feel like, say, drawing or sewing, every day, two things I absolutely have to do in order to finish certain projects and reach certain goals. I have a bad habit of overwhelming myself with so much stuff that I don't do anything and time passes me by and nothing is accomplished. I get anxious and it's very frusterating, the feeling of time passing and you are in the same place, situation or whatever and no closer to whatever it is you want to have or where you want to be.

Since I am so not feeling my current living or financial situation right now I decided to start using my internal gps(my spirit) more often. The first directive I  got was turn off the t.v. So, I now I turn off my television for two hours each day. Now, I get to use those two hours to work on whatever my internal gps tells me towork on, whatever I feel like working on instead of forcing myself to work on something. With a laser focus for two houes each day I can do either sketches for my portfolio and my application to Parsons, write, read or work on my tailored jacket.

Like many of the unfinished projects I have lingering, that jacket has been haunting me! What I had done looked really good and I'm impressed with myself, but now I have to go back and teach myself all the stuff I would have probably retained had I finished the jacket years ago when I had access to Anna Lou Plott, who was my tailoring teacher at Parsons and who worked for Ana Sui. There is a lot of hand sewing involved in tailoring. I have to plan what I am going to listen to while I do all that pick stiching on the other half of the jacket. I really look forward to that...NOT!

This is what pick stitching looks like. The other side  will be much neater than this.

This is the left side of the tailored jacket.

I did and excellent job on the pocket if I do say so myself!

This is to show the funky paisley lining I chose.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Thumper" !

I was on my way out to do my 30 minutes of walking that I had commited to doing each day and as I am leaving my apartment, I look to my left and see a rabbit. It was so still that I thought it was a statue, but it looked so real. Then it moved. It hopped towards me and I wondered where he had come from or if somone had left him there? I bent down to pet him. He seemed friendly enough so I picked him up. I walked to my neighbors door where I first saw "Thumper"and knocked. When she came to the door I inquired if "Thumper" belonged to her. She said he wasn't hers and was certain our other neighbor didn't own a rabbit.

So, I took "Thumper" back into my apartment and proceded to hang out with him for about 5 hours. Turned out "Thumper" was a very sweet, gentle little bunny who likes apples. I wish my circumstances were different or I would have kept him. I think I will consider getting a bunny once I get my own apartment and don't have to have a roommate. I love animals and would have a zoo if I had the space and the money.

I pray the cute little bunny is well taken care of at the animal place I took him to and that he gets a super loving person or family to give him a good home. He deserves that. I miss him already.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Eye Candy

I will write about my adventures in fashion and all my model and celebrity sightings back stage in future posts since Fashion week in NYC is about six weeks or so away, but for now I wanted to post some eye candy because I love looking at beautiful men! This is Swedish model Filip Gustavsson. I just love black and white photos, they look really artistic, but damn this boy is beautiful! I think men can be as beautiful and sometimes more beautiful than some women. I just thought Filip was stunning.

New Year, same dreams

This is my very first blog. I was debating with myself if I was going to start a blog in 2010 or stick to my journal. I decided to o both. The blog is to put out to anyone who is interested what I intend to create in my life this year and in the years to come. I figure if other people know what I'm doing I'd be more apt to really do the work and be held accountable for my progress.

I'm an Auqarius, so I'm a dreamer and I dream big. I've always wanted to work for myself , own my own business, own a Mercedes Benz, own my own home, travel like a jounalist and get my passport stamped up, meet that special man, get married (I'm wiling to do it at least once!), have children(4 and if I can get them all out at one time in the form of quads, sweet!) and be supercalafragalistic rich so I can take care of my family. Oprah should not be the only self made, black female billionare! I plan to join her in that club! I will be on her show before it ends in 2011! Guest or in the audience, it's all good to me!

So, It's a new year. Yipee! It was cloudy, here in NYC, but it was bright so I see that as a good sign for the coming year. I have a few goals I intend to accomplish this year that I have been oh so bad about putting off for years now. I figured since this year I will be 40, (next month actually) NOW is the time that I should commit to making manifest the fabulous life I have pictured in my mind. I plan to do it in stages so I don't overwhelm myself and over commit.

The first three months, January to the end of March, I will be intently focused on the following goals:

1. Creating an e-business that will allow me to use my creative, artistic design skills and will bring in enough income so that I will not need to work for anyone . I have been on team unemployed for over a year now and I really don't want to work for another company after the last experience I had. I'll write about that later.

2. I intend to finish all my incomplete projects. Don't judge, but I have a jacket that I was tailoring for a class when I was in school. We only had to do half of the jacket for class, but It's still unfinished...15 years later!!!!!! I will finish that jacket within the first quarter of this year. I went to Parsons school of design by the way and I plan to go back and get my BFA which leads me to my next goal...

3. Fill out the applications for Parsons. I was excepted to the BFA program in 1998, but I couldn't attend because the schedule wasn't flexible and I had to work, but I refused to work in retail ( and I will never go back!) Now I can take the classes online! I'm hoping to be in the summer classes, but I may start in the fall, but it depends on how much my business is making by the summer. If I'm making a decent amount, I plant to travel. Either Australia or Sweden. How much money I have save will determine my destination.

4. Once a week,or more depending on how I'm feeling,but at the very least once a week, I will visit a new part or a part of NYC I haven't been to in a while or see something in the city I haven't seen yet after 16 years here...don't judge! LOL! For example, I was watching Dogs 101 on Animal planet and one of the types of dogs they profiled were Siberian Huskies and they talked about how Balto saved a town in Alaska by leading a team on the final leg of a run to deliver a serum for diphtheria to Nome, Alaska in a snow storm. The Iditarod came from this run. Anyway, I did a yahoo search on Balto, because I'm a curious sort. In my search I saw that there is a statue of Balto in central park near the Tisch children's zoo. I clicked on the picture to enlarge it and on the new page, below the picture there were other links and the link about sculptures in New York caught my attention. So I clicked the link and saw the list of all the sculptures around NYC. I though it would be cool to go see all of them. There are 29 in total, so I'm going to go to all of them, take a picture and post, but I will not try to see them all within three months. I'll commit to getting to 5 and the rest will be in the other 3 quarters of the year, but then again I might get crazy in the spring/ summer and see the rest in one week. You never know with me.LOL!

5. My final goal for the first three months of the year is to commit to walking 30 minutes, 6 days a week. I have fat back...ass, thighs and I don't like it. The fat on my back makes my sciatica hurt, distorts my figure. I'm embarking on a silhouette solution to reshape my figure, tone, tighten and strengthen. I need to release 60 pounds off my body. I went to the doctors back in November and I weighed my all time high of 195, three pounds more than when I went to the doctors two months before that. That is way too much for me and I can feel in in my low engery level and how tight my muscles are and how my joints are starting to ache. Not good. There was a time I was flexible enough to do a back bend all the way through my legs and do "the basket" where you lie on your stomach, push your head back as far as you can, then bend your legs and touch your feet to your head. I'm grateful that I can still touch my hands flat on the floor, but I want to get my flexibility back. It makes a difference in how I move. I feel more fluid and loose. The ultimate reason is for health. My health is so important to me and treating my body with the respect it deserves so that it can perform at it's optimum for me when I need it to.

Ok, so those are my first five goals for January through March. I post as often as I can to update on my progress, post pictures and stuff. I'm known to have a celebrity sighting or two, so I'll have stories to tell about that! Oh, do I have stories...some pictures too!!