Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting things done.

I am coming off the PMS blah's that has kept me from a lot of the projects I wanted to work on this month.I'm also working to keep myself from the anxiety I feel when a day goes by and I haven't done anything that will get me closer to completing a project or closer to completing any of my goals. I've stated some of the goals I wanted to reach within the first three months of 2010, but I don't feel like, say, drawing or sewing, every day, two things I absolutely have to do in order to finish certain projects and reach certain goals. I have a bad habit of overwhelming myself with so much stuff that I don't do anything and time passes me by and nothing is accomplished. I get anxious and it's very frusterating, the feeling of time passing and you are in the same place, situation or whatever and no closer to whatever it is you want to have or where you want to be.

Since I am so not feeling my current living or financial situation right now I decided to start using my internal gps(my spirit) more often. The first directive I  got was turn off the t.v. So, I now I turn off my television for two hours each day. Now, I get to use those two hours to work on whatever my internal gps tells me towork on, whatever I feel like working on instead of forcing myself to work on something. With a laser focus for two houes each day I can do either sketches for my portfolio and my application to Parsons, write, read or work on my tailored jacket.

Like many of the unfinished projects I have lingering, that jacket has been haunting me! What I had done looked really good and I'm impressed with myself, but now I have to go back and teach myself all the stuff I would have probably retained had I finished the jacket years ago when I had access to Anna Lou Plott, who was my tailoring teacher at Parsons and who worked for Ana Sui. There is a lot of hand sewing involved in tailoring. I have to plan what I am going to listen to while I do all that pick stiching on the other half of the jacket. I really look forward to that...NOT!

This is what pick stitching looks like. The other side  will be much neater than this.

This is the left side of the tailored jacket.

I did and excellent job on the pocket if I do say so myself!

This is to show the funky paisley lining I chose.
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