Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Thumper" !

I was on my way out to do my 30 minutes of walking that I had commited to doing each day and as I am leaving my apartment, I look to my left and see a rabbit. It was so still that I thought it was a statue, but it looked so real. Then it moved. It hopped towards me and I wondered where he had come from or if somone had left him there? I bent down to pet him. He seemed friendly enough so I picked him up. I walked to my neighbors door where I first saw "Thumper"and knocked. When she came to the door I inquired if "Thumper" belonged to her. She said he wasn't hers and was certain our other neighbor didn't own a rabbit.

So, I took "Thumper" back into my apartment and proceded to hang out with him for about 5 hours. Turned out "Thumper" was a very sweet, gentle little bunny who likes apples. I wish my circumstances were different or I would have kept him. I think I will consider getting a bunny once I get my own apartment and don't have to have a roommate. I love animals and would have a zoo if I had the space and the money.

I pray the cute little bunny is well taken care of at the animal place I took him to and that he gets a super loving person or family to give him a good home. He deserves that. I miss him already.
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