Thursday, January 12, 2012

Word Of the week...DREAM!

My dream? To own my own luxuray fashion company, drive a platinum Mercedes benz,have a little villa in Tuscany region of Italy, Travel the world, meet a my right and perfect guy, get married and have kids! What's your dream?

What is the biggest, most wonderful, most joyful dream you've ever had? Most of us think this dream is a mere fantasy, a flight of fancy that never could have happened, but it sure is fun to imagine. Do you know that God has never given us a dream or image of absolute good without a means of having it manifest in our lives? It's true.

Now, it doesn't mean that the dream will appear exactly as we image it. But your dream contains clues as to how to have the best life you could ever have - open yourself to God's message of wholeness, abundant good and success by asking God: What does this dream mean and what is it I'm supposed to know from it? God will reveal the next step in your divine path to your total good. Follow your dreams; they're trying to get your attention!

Affirm: My dream is from God, and I AM abundantly blessed.

With Love and Faith,
Paul Tenaglia
Senior Minister, Unity of New York
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