Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fashion Week Fall 2013: Venexiana

This was my last show on a very long  fashion day! Venexiana is a  decsribed as the "rock-n-roll" house of haute couture. Not very rock-n-roll to me, but still pretty and glamourous.

This model was next to me and the zipper on her last look split right up the middle when she took two steps in the gown! I had never seen something like that happen before!She didn't make it out to the runway, obvioulsy! The dresses were that tight aroud the low but area!

I like this look. It gives me a modern Dynasty vibe! Dominique Deveraux for 2013!

This is my model, Loni, in her first look.

My model, Loni, in her second look.

This model had on the dress that my model was fitted for in the showroom! We knew something was up when the inner lining wouldn't zip up. My model, Loni, saw this gir(above) and realized the dressed were put in the wrong place. We pulled the girl out of the line up, stripped her ot of the gown she was wearing and the models switched  gowns. We had them both dressed in less than 30 seconds! I didn't find a picture of my model in her gown since my go to site, style .com didn't post pictures of this show. *sigh*

The designer, Kati Stern.

A backstage shot of the designer before the show. hose are my models gowns she's in front of!

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