Friday, February 1, 2013

Eye Candy

This is month's eye candy is named John. I know nothing else and do not know where to begin to get any information about him. I forget where I first saw his picture, but I am savvy enough to right click with my mouse and hit properties and saw that the picture was taken by a photographer named Jin Wang.

I did a quick search found Jin Wang's website searched until I found these pictures on his blog. All the photographer said about this model was that his name was John and that he is sexy. I agree, he is sexy. There is something beautiful and imperfect about him. His nose looks like he boxes and I like that. I gives his face character and saves it from being so girly pretty. He looks young and kind of elfish. I hope he's legal,I have been perving on the young ones for a minute, but I can look! And I do...look that is! LOL! Enjoy!

*All photos from Jin Wang photography website blog.
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