Saturday, February 23, 2013

Douglas Says Fashion Show

I was able to make it to the fashion show of a co-worker friend from the Ground Crew  after missing his show for the past couple years. He showed to a full house at the Newark Library. It was a really nice show worthy of being seen at the tents.
Please forgive my blurry photos. My digital camera did not want to cooperate and it's not very good with taking pictures of moving objects. Also the angle was not the best and I could barely get a good clear picture of any of the models...*sigh*. It is what is though. It was a really nice show and I am so glad I went. I wish Douglas Says  much success!       

 This is the awesomely wonderful Lu Sierra! I have been a fan of hers since the 80's when models really knew how to model and had personality. This woman knows how to work the runway. I so wish more models knew how to do it half as well as Lu!
 Lu showing off that dress, workin' it like only she can!

 Lu has so much personality and brings the outfits/gowns she wears to life!

 Worki it Lu!

Strike a pose for one final look over the shoulder!

 That's the designer in the red shirt, Douglas Says surrounded by his models after the finale of  the show.

 Douglas saying a few words to the audience.
Lu Sierra and Audrey Smaltz, owner of The Grownd Crew.

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