Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Week 2013: Academy of Art University

This was the last show of a long fashion day! The link below is to the video of this show.
This is a collective of about five differnet designers form the university. I am feeling too lazy to find pictures and names of them all.
The pictures are in random order as the site I got them from didn't have the full show and blogger kind of mixed the pictures during dowload and I didn't feel like rearranging them.

My model,Eve, in her first look, which I like!

I thought this group was really cute. I liked how it was styled. Styling is so important. And it's cohesive! You know how I like cohesiveness!

This picture seems so random, but the ste I got it from had only so many pictures that they posted.
This group was nice. They could use more accessories in my opinion.

This was a lovely group as well!

The model on the right is my model, Eve in her second look.
And Eve n ther third look and my favorite and apparently everyone elses from the amount of people who came backstage to take pictures with her in this great coat! I was told the coat weight about 50 pounds and it felt like it!

*The pictures are from
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