Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Week Fall 2013: Chadwick Bell

This show was at the Pennsylvania hotel...well, not quite. It was around the corner and down the street entering through a freight entrance, not exactly at the hotel, but anyway....
I so loved the necklaces used in theis show! The were painted would braclets with a piece of ribbon threaded through and tied around the neck! An easy do it yourself project to accessorize  your outfits. I'm going to make a necklace for myself this weekend!
I liked this collection. It was cohesive and wearable. And as I stated above, loved the necklaces.

I really like this look, although I would be wearing boots.

This would make a nice maternity shirt!

My model, Grace. Loved the boots.


Loved this look with the velvet cumberbun and the necklace I so loved! This is probably my favorite look in this show.
This is Daria. I helped her into this dress that did not fit properly and had to be tapped to keep it from falling down. It was  a pretty dark blue velvet.

OK, the necklace her is awsome!

This looked needed some accessories. Cool boots though!
My model, Grace in her second look. This needed one of those necklaces or something! It was too plain, but that's just me.
Nice coat. Pretty evergreen taffeta coat. Matches the dress above.

The designer, Chadwick Bell.
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