Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fashion Week In and Around the tents, Part One

After my final show on Wednsday 2/13, I went up to the tents with a couple of coworkers who had another show. I went to get some goodies from the tents, but before we went inside we took a little ride. The video called "The Ride of  Lifetime". For the opening of the latest James Bond Film, Skyfall, they had Astin Martins available for free rides! I never considered myself a sporty car person, but it was a fun ride. Our driver was a professional race car driver, the ride was that much more fun!

Sorry the picture is blurry, my camera didn't seem to want to focus. This is the Astin Martin aka James Bond car from across the street before we crossed over

This was our driver for the fun ride!

No for the cars inside the tent...Mercedes Benz.

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