Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fashion Week 2013: LaCoste

This year is the 80th anniversary of Lacoste. It is one of my favorite shows, not becasue of the clothes but because of the male models! Only a few shows during fashion week have menswear. I got to work with three cuties! And I got a special treat at the end of the show!

The model on the right is Guerrino. He is a cute Belgian who speaks Flemish! He is the first person I have ever met who spoke Flemish. He was really sweet! 

The model on the left is Noma, so cute!
The model on the left is Authur. Authur was quiet.

Ok, I didn't work with the model on the right, but the girl who did excepted a tobacco something or other from him that he told her to try ...and she did. We thought she was crazy to except "product" from a model, if you know whatI mean! The smile he had on his face was priceless. We knew he was suspect, but he was so cute! LOL!

The model on the left is 24 y.o Frenchmen Clement! That's Grace on the right who I dressed on Thursday at Richard Chai.
The designer, Felipe Oliviera.

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Some backstage shots before and after the Eshow!

Clement est tres beau!! He is French hotness! He complimented me on my French!
The lovely Grace looking very serious.

 The sweet Flemish cutie, Guerrino.
 These are my guys in line waiting for the show to start.

 I was feeling punch drunk silly and completely wonky! I look like I felt, like a tired hag.
Guerrino, me( don't judge! lol!)Aurthor and Noma.
These guys were so sweet! It gave me back that sense of fun I use to have during fashion week. Good show!
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