Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mercedes-Benz New York Fahion Week Fall 2014/15: DKNY

DKNY is Donna Karans bread and butter line and for this show she used "real people" models. Can you tell who's the professional model from the ones who are not? Some I couldn't. Some I knew were not professional models because I had to dress them. They did a good job! 

Andrej Pejic, he's  androgynous, models for mens and women's. He's in menswear for this show!  He's so pretty! LOL!

This is a guy/girl, Juliana,  shared a changing room with five other "real people"models. He was dressed by my coworker, Taide. We weren't sure at first of it was a guy or girl until he walked in and started talking. The voice was a dead giveaway! LOL!

I like this jacket.

This is Masha, one of the three "real people" models I dressed.

This "real people" model was in the same changing room, but was dressed by my coworker, Taide.

One of Taide's "real people models. She is friends with one of our, me and Taides', favorite models Omyra. She gave us an update on what he was up to, which was cool!
This is Jude,the third of four models I dressed. I'm so not feeling this look.

Ahhhh, so simple yet so elegant. Why can't young men dress more like this? WHY?

Hannah Bronfman daughter of Edgar Bronfmn Jr. and  Sherry Brewer. As most privlaged children of  the wealthy, she is known as a socialite and typically with privlaged wealthy kids with no real career, she DJ's. I only know of her through fashion references. I just don't get why people becaome famous for nothing. Having money to buy expensive clothes is nothing to be famous for!

Here's my other model, Sara Grace. I loved the shoes she got to wear! I'd wear them for sure!

This is my last model, Dorith. He picture got into The Dailey. I get extra money for that! Woot, woot!

I like the blue hair with the suit!

Like the coat!

I like this men's look. I wish he had purple hair though, LOL!

I like this is so my style!

This look is so Donna Karan to me. I can see this just as easily in her collection add the big, chunky gold jewelery Donna likes and there you go!

Donna Karan
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