Friday, February 21, 2014

Brooklyn Museum: Jean Paul Gautier Exhibit

The Last time I went to the Brooklyn Museum was ten years ago to see an exhibit for Patrick Kelly. This time it's Jean Paul Gautier. I went to right before the exhibition ended to go see it. I should know better considering how long I had to wait in line to see Alexander McQueen's exhibit at the MET three years ago waiting until the final weekend to go see it and then it was so crowded inside that you really couldn't linger and enjoy it. Also I couldn't take pictures to share, but it was a cool exhibit, but this one was better because of the funky cool mannequins!

Above are tiles in the subway station at the Brooklyn Museum.

An upcoming show I plan to see. I love shoes!

I have to put in a disclaimer about the blurry pictures. This exhibit has places where it was dark and had low light and no flash was allowed for taking pictures and I did not have a clue how to change the ISO on my camera so it couldn't focus properly. I took some with my cellphone, which took better pictures, but I didn't have enough room on the sd card. Anyway, I got what I got so, enjoy if you weren't able to see it!

I saw the face of this mannequin move...the eyes blinked and I thought it was a real person! It was a projected image of a face. A lot of the mannequins had this. It freaked me out for a hot second.

This one had a projected face of JPG speaking, welcoming people to the show and speaking about his design process. It was in French and English, rather cool!

My flash accidently went off and I got this great picture!

This isn't me not rotating the picture, it was mounted like this!

More in part two!

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