Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mercedes-Benz New York Fahion Week Fall 2014/15: La Coste

Ahhhh, Lacoste the show that is always at the ass-crack of dawn on Saturday during fashion week, but I gladly get up and do this show each season because 1) they have menswear and I always asked to dress a guy!  2) thier staff is cool. and 3) they let us eat! Oh and they usually do nice clothes that if you can wear the way it's styled or you can wear individual items. I liked the collection for the most part, but I would definately add more accessories...or something! I just feel like there is something missing often times with Lacoste. They are more sporty fashion, but still...

My model,Author G. in his first look. The jacket was reverseable, so you get two for one!

 I like this look, the color. I would wear the sweater and the shoes!

 This model, who's name escapes me, was talking to me and his dresser and we said something which promted him to playfully punch me in the arm! I was too tired and still half asleep to be offended. He was way too perky so early in the morning and I told him so! LOL!

 I love big cozy sweaters like this. The flared skirt is cute, make it a bit longer and I'd wear it! 

 Aurthur G in his second look. He didnt say "thank you" to me when he walked away at the end of the show. I was highly offended. *snif*

 I like this look.

 Paul Boche is so cute!

The designer,Felipe Oliveira Baptista.

This a one picture of Frances Olympic outfits, which were on point! I'm too lazy right now to search for the sketches, but I will find them and add them later. 
Anyway, I was talking to the menswear coordinator for Lacoste, asked him if he worked on the clothes for the Olympics. he said he did some of the coats. I told him that France had the best look! And they did! I'd wear this for sure! That busy sweater from Ralph Lauren did not win me over. As USA loyal as I am, I'd buy that grey jacket the model is wearing above befor I bought that Ralph Lauren Sweater for the US, which I heard sold out! LOL!

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