Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mercedes-Benz New York Fahion Week Fall 2014/15: Week in review

It seems like it's the beginning of the end of New york fashion week as we know it. There was talk last fall about the circus like atmosphere that surrounds the tents each season and it seems that the organizers are starting to send the message that things will be different in the future.

First off, I only had one show in the tents and that was Lacoste. I usually go out to the front after the show and see what goodies they are giving away as well as stocking up on all the fashion news papers i.e.; The Dailey and WWD. When I walked out into the tents this time I was quite stunned! It was almost pitch black! WTF! You could barely see where you were going, which I have come to speculate is the first subtle hint; for people not to linger too long inside the tents. Maybelline was no where to be found so no free make-up, make-overs or manicures this time. 

Samsung gave away free little bags and had artists do computer portraits of people, and tressemme  had people styling guests hair. Other than that there wasn't much else, not like in the past. I didn't even stop to take pictures of people's fashion week style because it was so dark in the tent I wouldn't have been able to get any decent shots. It was too cold to be standing outside taking pictures, but even as I was leaving, I didn't see as many people as usual, but like I said, it was freezing, but also because they were much tighter about letting people inside the tents. So I just went home. 

So sad really. Fashion week takes place only twice a year and it's fun to see the most over the top fashion people wear. Fashion is supposed to be fun! Already I've gotten word that  bloggers are going to have limited access to getting into the tents, but if a designer gives then and invite to attend their show, they can't be denied access into the tents. So many people will not come to New York if  this is fact what is going on. The domino effect that will have...I'm curious to see what happens. This fall will be my 18th year working with The Ground Crew! I may stop after 20, who knows. I'm going to wait and see what the spring shows in September look like and then I will decide unless I get my big break, then that will be the deciding factor, lol! It's all good in the end. Everything must change and change can be good.

My credentials from all the shows I did except Tanya Taylor, where I didn't get c redentials.

 Little mini beignets that were being freshly made at the end of the Rag & Bone show! This is becoming one of my favorite shows because of the free food they give out!

Some of the models got gift bags from Revlon and apparently, some did not want them. I was happy to take this bag off of the hands of one model who simply left it behind. These were the contents: two jars of make-up remover pads from Almay, Revlon lash potion mascara,Revlon colorstay liquid eyeliner, Revlon tweezers, Revlon File-n-Peel emory bord by Marchesa,Revlon creme eye shadow #710 Not Just Nudes, Revlon Photoready Skinlights face illuminator in 100 Bare Light and 400 Bronze light, Revlon colorburst matte balm #235 Mischievous and lacquer balm #120 Vivacious,Revlon super lustrous lipstick #477 Black Cherry and Revlon nail enamel #732 Graffiti. Did I mention Revlon enough? LOL!

This is just a shot of the venue after the Rag & Bone show as I was leaving.

 This is the sign on the tents back stage entrance. I was on my way to Lacoste which was in the Theater.

 This is the model line-up card at Lacoste. I took  this picture after the show as I was leaving. My model was out too fast for me to get a picture with him. *shrug* oh well...

This was the Mercedes Benz on display during fashion week. I like the on last fall better.

 The only picture I too inside of the tents. See how bloody dak it is? I had to take this on my cellphone because it took better pictures with such low exposure.

 This was on display at Samsung. I thought I took a picture of a white one that was in the hall when I was leaving Lacoste, but apparently I  didn't take the picture.
This was the free bag Samsung gave away. I happen to be writing this on my Samsung computer, lol!
My computer drawn portrait, lol!

The stairs leading up to Lincoln Center. It says "Welcome" in different languages. I bet that looks awesome at night.

Had to take this corny picture with the dude in the bear head and tweet it out in order to get...
...this sample of  scents from Eau De Bear.  The scents are: Paper, Ivy, Gold, Rain, Pinot, Tea, Mimosa, Dew and  #Community Moss! I

My model, Dorith from DKNY in the Daily from 2/11!
And my othe model, Elodia from Donna Karan Collection in The AM from 2/12!

 I manage to score a gift bag from Hugo Boss! Its Jour Pour femme and Nuit Pour Femme!

 A friend attended a show that was giving this away. She managed to get several from a show and gave me this one.
I went to a new emerging designers trunk show at Noir and Blanc Bis and got this bag. I also helped stuff it! This store use to be on 23rd street between fifth and sixth. I thought they had gone out of business, but no...they had changed location. You can visit the .
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