Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mercedes-Benz New York Fahion Week Fall 2014/15: Jenny Packham

It was mostly evening and formal wear at Jenny Packham, which was no surprise as she usually does evening wear gowns and dresses. There were some pretty things through out  with some more sportwear driven looks sprinkled in.

My model, Loemi in her first look.

Here's a more sportswear look. Kind of reminds me of Michael Kors, just loose the feather purse.

This was a really nice jumpsuit. The color was great, very flattering.

The bead detail on the top of this gown was beautiful. One of the hair stylists took a great back detail picture with his cellphone. Great color too.

I can see this dress on the red carpet.

Loemi in her second look. All that changed on this look was her top, she wore the pants out twice!

This was my favorite dress! It was dark blue although it looks black on the picture.The beading on the bottom was lovely. And it is a dress and not a top and bottom.

This look seems kind of random and out of place here. Maybe if it had been closer in sequence to the other sportswear look...or maybe it's the black pants...

Loemi in her third look.

This was one of those dresses that looks a lot better in person than it does in pictures.

This is another dress that looks better in person than in the pictuer.

Loemi in her forth and final look.

Another dress I can see on the red carpet.

Jenny Packham, the designer.
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