Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mercedes-Benz New York Fahion Week Fall 2014/15: Hugo Boss Women

 My last show of the season and my favorite for reasons I will share in pictures down below!

This was a simple, straight forward, cohesive, wearable and functional collection. I like it clean and simple on the outside, but I'd have a funky lining in my coats and jackets though and add more color via my accessories. Some of these looks are just a bit to plain and simple for me.

My model, Edie Campbell was the first to go out. I don't think I've ever had a model in all these years that was the first look out on the runway.

Saskia is my new favorite model of the moment. She has pretty androgony. She could do menswear if she wanted to and why not? If Andrej Petric can do womens...I have to see her walk though. Her walk could kill everything I like about her, lol.

Edie in her second look.

Stella Tenant

Jason Wu, who was recently named the creative director of Hugo Boss Women.

After the shows there is always a rush of people coming backstage for whatever reasons. This time was no different. The designer was giving interviews and taking pictures with people not even ten steps away from where I was standing. There was Jason Wu, the designer standing between PBS' Sherlock Holms star, Benedict Cumberbatch  and some man I did not recognize until he turned his was Gerard Butler! I got a little light headed! They moved  a little closer and I had a great shot of Gerard and Benedict, but don't you know my cellphone picked that moment to act crazy and not work properly?!?!?!?  DAMN! DAMN DAMN!He was surrounded by people and I didn't get an opportunity to ask for a picture with him. I did get these side shots of Gerard, not the best, but I was sooooooo close! AHHHHHHH!!!!!

This is me and Benedict Cumberbatch! I was taking a picture of him just standing there drinking his champagne and he waved at me! He prefered that we asked before we took his picture, but he was rather polite about it. He shook my hand and then took this picture with me! I was such a grinning fool! I was quite exctied to meet someone who is on a current program that I actually watch and like!

A glass of champagne at the end of the Hugo Boss show and a toast to the end of fashion week!

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