Friday, February 19, 2010

End of fashion week.

I forgot to write about my last show, L'Wren Scott which was yesterday because I was intent on getting my application into Parsons. They were doing an offer of waiving the application fee if you applied by Thursday the 18th. Imagine my surprise to click onto the link fo the offer and find that it had expired! I was very annoyed because I was applying in the alotted time frame. I wrote to the director of admissions and let him know that was some foul shit! After all that application nonsense I was just too tired to post anything, but L'Wren Scott was very nice from the garments I could see. I'll post the pictures from all the shows I went to to the corresponding posts later. I started this post late and I'm tired and now my computer is freezing up. Tomorrow, I'll definately post them!

L'Wren Scott Fall 2010

This is the first of three models I dressed. I don't remember her name.
This is the second model I dressed, I don't remember her name either.
The third model, Flo.

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