Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vision Boards.

A friend of mine invited me to a DA(debtors anonymous) meeting a week and a half ago because they were doing vision boards that night. I'm a big believer in vision boards. I have mine stuck on the walls of my bedroom so I can see them everyday. I even started to create a vision book. The premise of the vision board or book is to get picture(s) of the things you want: a car, a house, a mate, or a trip somewhere. You can have one picture that represents what you desire or you can have a collage of pictures, the point is to have a visual to focus on each day and to imprint on your subconcious mind so that you will subconciously start doing things that will bring what you desire into your life. The visual is to keep you focused and keep your mind only on what it is you want as well as getting you to do things that move you towards what you want. It's a process. It requires time, focus, patience and a lot of work, not hard work, but smart work.  I use to work hard and all I got for my hard work was tired. If your not having fun or if it's not moving you towards what it is you desire, it's a waste.  This year, I plan to move towards all the things my heart desires. No more holding back. I trust the Universe will deliver.
These are a few of my vision boards that I have up on my wall. The one on the right with "Thanks A $100 Million", I finished on a Monday and by Friday, my boss, at the time, pulled me to the side and told me I was getting a raise! I romptly made all the other boards after that!

I made my billon dollar board because I figured Oprah and Shiela Johnson can not be the only two black women in the billionare club!
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