Monday, February 15, 2010

Fashion week day four.

Today was another Donna Karan day, the higher end collection was shown. I did my intership with Donna Karan for this line 12 years ago! It was really fun and I had hoped to be able to stay, but alas it was not meant. There was a financial crunch back then and it wasn't possible for me to stay. The lady I worked with during my intership was laid off so I knew it wasn't personal.

Well, the collection was lots of black with spots of teal in the dresses. It's very Donna Karan, which I'm glad to see. some years back it wasn't looking very Donna and I wasn't liking it much but they are back on track. I think they got back on track when thier design director Peter Stenopoulous(?) came back after being loured away by Trussardi, I think it was Trussardi... whatever, he's back now and the clothes were very nice.

I don't go in depth about none of these shows because it's a totally different perspective from back stage than seeing the clothes on the models when they are walking on the runway, but mostly I think seeing a picture is easier than trying to find the right words to describe a collection. I really don't feel like doing a lot of decriptive writting. I'd rather show a picture and call it a day. You can make up your own mind about whether or not you like the clothes. I found pictures!WooHoo!

This was the model I worked with today, Jacklyn.

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