Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fashion week day three.

Today I worked at the DKNY show. It was held downtown at her (Donna Karan) late husbands art studio, Weiss Studio on Greenwich street, not to be confused with Greenwich avenue, which had me turned around and confused so I was late again !

Anyway, I was hoping there would be some menswear at this show because there has been menswear in previous shows, but alas there was not. Only women this time, but the girls were good and I suspect it's because they are so dang young they haven't been turned into evil rude bitches and they aren't "super models" as they like to dub every  model that comes on the scene. No, these girls were pleasant ans easy to work with and I'm grateful. I dressed a young girl named Keke and helped with a girl named Julija, who I've seen in past seasons. They each had only one look as did most of the models except for a handful who had to make one change.

DKNY is Donna Karans lower priced line for a younger market, but if you are fashion savvy you would have been able to pull off wearing some the things that she showed. Some knit dress that could be worn as a short dree or as a long shirt. They actually gave me the idea to make some tops and sew on some of the bling beads I have, but I'm not going to do that anytime soon since I have other projects to finish, but later on in the spring maybe.

Pictures will come later, but I was ble to get a picture of Donna Karan after the show.

DKNY Fall 2010
KeKe, pronounced like the letter twice. I dressed her and her picture made it into one of the fashion Dailey papers! I get paid extra for that!
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