Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fashion week day five.

It was snowing today and cold. I wasn't expecting the snow until the weekend when I could stay inside and relax, but I had two shows today; Vera Wang and Diesel. I have a better source for pictures so all the pictures I will put up on Friday. Yea!

Someone, who will remain anonymous, cussed out one of the models at Vera Wang! LMAO! It was GREAT! She said what I sometimes wish I could say to some of these models when they want to cop an attitude. She put the girl in her place and I was so happy! If the designers would do that more often and stop letting these girls get away with sh*t, they more than likely wouldn't give anyone a hard time.  Let it be known it was not a model I was working with, but she was next to me so I heard the whole exchange. The girls have been pretty good so far, all the ones I've delt with have been good. But todays incident is the reason why I prefer working with the guys. Only one male model was stank in all the time I've been doing this.

Deisel was held off site form the tents, just up the street actually and they had a wierd set up where we had to dress the models in one place then all of us go up stairs to a different room where the actual fshion show was held and help them change into their second look. Then we had to take the clothes from the first look and all the hangers from the second look back down stairs, wait for the models to come back down to change back into thier own clothes, then pack up the designer clothes. It wasn't that difficult, although the change I had was kind of rapido, but my model was sweet and we handled it fine. She went down the runway with her leggings on backwards! Good thing you couldn't tell the front from the back from the outside. We laughed about that. That's fashion!

Vera Wang Fall 2010

My model, Irina

Irina again.

Vera Wang, the designer.

Deisel Black Gold Fall 2010

This is the model I dressed for this show, Marike.

Here is Marike in the leggings that we put on backwards! LOL!

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