Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Three years ago I took a weeked trip to Dublin, Ireland  for St Patricks Day. I had such a good time, I'd reccomend anyone go there and not just for St.Patricks Day. Below are some images from my trip. I'm praying for the manifestation of greater finance in order to go back to Dublin and other parts of Ireland.

The pareade was great fun and very crowded.

That big pole behind the car that is behind me is the Millenium Spire. I was fortunate to be able to find a small b&b, The Dergvale, that was so close to the city center and just a block away from O'Conell street, on which the pareade was on. 

The back of Christ's Church. I somehow seem to visit places when they are being renovated
                                                   This is in front of the founain pictured above.

Dublin Castle.

The Molly Malone staue or ad the Dubliners a call her "the tart with the cart". And before you ask, those little white flecks in the picture is snow! It started to snow suddenly when before that it had been sunny and before that it was raining like a monsoon, so this is a heads up about the weather, it's freaking unpredictable!

These are bronze statues along the Liffey river depicting the migration during the potato famine.

These weret aken at the peirs at Dun Loaghaire up the way from Dublin. The ride on the Dart, Dublins version of the Metro North, was very nice and it was easy. It was very windy that day and I almost fell in the water! And of course with the unpredictable weather, it started to rain, but luckily for me it as when I was leaving. It was a very lovely day.

I really have to plan another trip back to Ireland soon and stay longer than four days, there is so much more that I want to see an many more places I want to visit and the view flying up the coast was breath taking! Ireland is a must see place to visit.
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