Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Goals for Spring

I'm a little behind with posting, because so much of what I do requires so much time and attention. Some people think that drawing takes no time, but in fact it takes a long time,especially if you are illustrating or have a lot of detail to get down. I like to do really detailed illustrations, but sometimes I rush and I f*ck up, case in point on some of my sketches for my application back to to Parsons,which I submitted last week and I just have to send them a few more sketches and then it's a simple waiting  game to find out if I was excepted into the BFA program or not.  Below are the sketches I submitted.
I was going along fine until I mucked up the background of the first three sketches so I had to back them and cut them out. I stuck them on a foam core board then took this picture. I had to submit 8-12 sketches but I could only upload one picture with my application so the next four sketches I couldn't send.

These I rushed and the faces were totally messed up. The purple dress should have been more mauve, but I didn't have the right color marker. I really need to slow down and take my time, but sometimes I get anxious when I have a time limit for things. I do better when I'm just drawing for the sake of drawing. It's rather relaxing and I get into a really great creative place. I do believe that's when spirit is working through me becaus e everything just flows so freely. I love being in that place!

I completed some of the goals I set for myself in the first three months of the year. I didn't go out as much as I  wanted , but that had to do with weather, but I have no excuses now! I didn't finish my tailored jacket, but I can continue with that since I don't have anymore sketches to do for my school application.
So,my goal for the next three months are:

1. Finish the tailored jacket ( for real this time!) and all the other little sewing projects I have left undone.
2. Use the screen printer a friend gave me to create  product for my business.
3. Submit a story to Changling Press who is doing  a call for submissions from new authors.
4. Increase my workout time. I'm down five pounds which is good since I slacked off my workouts due to     the cold and snow in February and all the rain in March.
5. Find a stock to invest in.
6. Visit three museaums.
7. Complete the collection of sketches I started for the Parsons challenge. What I mean is do more sketches to make a full collection of about 24 sketches. This will also serve as part of my portfolio.
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