Thursday, September 12, 2013

MBFW Spring Summer 2014: Fashionistas

This is the parade of fashionistas outside of Lincoln Center during fashion week. People coming out to stand out, be seen and hopefully get their picture taken. It's such fluff, but it is about fashion. I'm not such a showy person. I'm more subtle, laid back and easy-going. I prefer to be in the forfront when it's something important or profound. I don't mind being in the background for fashion. I'm cool with not standing out, but I maintain and protect my individuality like I a grand fashionista!
Lauren London from BET's show The game.
Former America's Next Top Model contestant Toccara.

This dog was soooo cute! He sat like that and let people take pictures and pet him and looked most at ease about it!


 For a split second, I thought this was Lady Gaga! LOL!
These girls were leaving Industria Studios after the first show I did on Friday, Tanya Taylor.
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