Friday, September 13, 2013

MBFW Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014: Insisde The Tents!

Patrick McDonald, assistant buyer at Barney’s and couture director at Fabrice
Lauren Ezersky. I use to love to watch her tv show " Behind The Velvet Ropes". There aren't any really good fashion tv shows shows anymore. *sigh*
They girls at the Sweet and Low booth. They were serving a Sweet and Low cocktail that I didn not like because I do not like Sweet and Low hence why it did not occure to me to take a picture of the drink. I would have liked it a lot more with out the Sweet and Low.
The Papyrus display. Really pretty and expensive cards. They gave out samples and let you send them out to someone, they paid the postage. I opted to just keep my cards.


I really didn't want a picture of the women, just the guy, but I didn't want to be rude and tell her to step to the side so I can take his picture.

I am in my dream car! This is going on my vision board and I am going to visualize myself in my Mercedes Benz cruising down the highway!
Linda Fargo, women's fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman. My first job moving back to NYC was at Bergdorfs. They had the best employee discount!

The Mercedes Benz representative.

This guy was the most interesting dude I had seen all week! I took the picture above, someone I work with took the ones below.

 This was my favorite look. I loved the blue! Her bag was ugly and the color was horrible, but her outfit made up for the bag. I asked her who her the deigner of her outfit was and she looked at me, turned her head and kept on walkin'! Such a stank attitude! I'm so glad not everyone was like this.

Hot ghetto mess of a moment! SMDH! WHY????? This is the sh*t that makes it so hard for black people to catch better breaks in the fashion industry. This is somelow level bs! I just can't...! *throwing up my hands*
I thought she was cute!
How daring of this dude to wear purple pants! I would bet he was gay.

 I wanted a picture of this woman's shoes as well, but all my picture taking devices ran out of juice.
 I couldn't get a good shot of the back of this woman's shoes. They lit up when she walked! It was so neat!
 This girl's necklace was awesome! Her friend had on a gold one just like it. They said a friend of theirs made them.

The most wonderfully awesome model, Lu Sierra! Models today could learn a lot from this women on how to bring life and personality to the clothes that they model.

Former player and now new head coach of the New York Knicks, Jason Kidd.

 Nicole Mitchell Murphy, the former Mrs.
Eddie Murphy and now the fiancé of Michael Strahan of  "Live with Kelly & Michael". I don't know if they have gotten married yet.
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