Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reaffirm The Dream

   We had a guest speaker and the spiritual center where I attend Sunday service about a week and a half ago(6/6). Her name was Patricia Moreno. She came to give a talk since our regular minister Paul, was at a conference in San Diego. Patrica gavve a really great talk that brought tears to my eyes because she was saying exactly what I have been feeling for a while now.

   Patricia spoke about how three years ago at the age of 42, she wanted to have a baby, but she didn't want to raise a child alone. She wanted to experience the feel of having a child grow inside her body and she wanted to experience child birth. Her dilema was tht she had no partner for this endeaver and didn't see one in the near future, but she really wanted to have a baby so she had to reconcile with either having a baby alone or giving up on the dream of having a baby at all. She chose to have faith in her dream.

   To make a long story short, Patricia did finally meet somone, and is now six months pregnant. I think I've wanted a baby since I was a baby, but had the good sense to wait until I was old enough to get pregnant. I'm old enough, but like Patricia, I don't have a committed partner to provide the fertalizer and I too would prefer to raise my child with a partner. Hearing her tell this story made me reaffirm my dream of a baby (or two, three or four! LOL!) I also reaffirmed some other dreams that I have neglected like having my own business, Some things are in place, but I'm stuck in neutral as to what to do. I'm taking steps to rectify that now.

   I started reading the books about the law of attraction and maifesting wealth. I'm reading  the following books: The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D WattlesThink And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (it's being used for th Master Mind group that's I'm going to be a part of) and Success Principles by Jack Canfield. I put off reading these books, but there is nothing like need more cash flow to put a fire under ones ass to do something productive in creating what one wants.

I started this blog to chronicle my adventures in NYC, but also to share my experiences as I transform myself and my life. I figured if I publicly declare what I want I would need to follow through in order to be a living testement to what doing what works can do for ones life. I want so much more and I have recommitted to doing whatever it takes and what works to achieve success.
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