Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

  I so forgot to do a blog on mother's day, but mom's sure do get the hook-up on thier day while dad's get a bunch of ugly ties, LOL! I did call my mother on mother's day and sent her a card though. I called my Pop today to wish him a Happy Father's Day and let him know how much I love my him.

   My Pop took me to see Duran Duran when I was fifteen. Duran Duran didn't play the kind of music my Pop likes, but he sat through the entire concert while I was having a ball. He bought me a t-shirt and concert program as well. Considerring I hadn't asked for the t-shirt or the program ,I was surprised and happier than spiked punch! I still have the t-shirt and program from that concert. Duran Duran FOREVER! LOL!!!!

    He also took me to my first baseball game a year later when we lived in San Diego, California.  It's those moments that I remember and treasure. I'm blessed to have a father and I thank God for him.

To all the father's of the world who take care of thier families...GOD BLESS YOU!
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