Thursday, June 17, 2010


I did a show for Nike at the begining of May. It was a three day event with preperation and rehearsal before the actual show. The first two days were long as the changes were tough and they need more rehearsal time so we had to stay later and still come back the next day early! What I was able to see in rehearsal looked really good though. I only wish I could find a video of the actual show of which there were two. The first show was for Converse. I don't have any pictures of the show. This was a production for share holders, but I'm hoping somewhere there are pictures or a video of the show. But in the mean time...

   This is Jacob and me (once again with no make-up, UHG!) Jacob is from southern Sweden and was  kind enough to teach me a bit of Swedish , I have since forgotten. I wish all my models were like Jacob. He knew what he  was suppose to do and he did it with ease and a calmeasy manner which I find most Swedes have. His eyes were pretty stunning too. This picture doesn't show, but he made me pause when he looked at me when I was checking to make sure his look was right. He's tall too!

This is a better picture of his stunning eyes. He had a nice smile as well.

The model I worked with for the Nike part of the show was nice, but in the end he jst walked away without saying thanks, or anything, so I will leave it.

The surprise was seeing Shuan T! Shuan T of Hip Hop Abs and the Insanity workout.! He was really nice and good looking too! He gave a bit of scoop on a celeb he use to train. Said this person was "crazy" to work with,not so easy LOL! All I will say is that the actor was in one of the Batman movies

These are the Nike sneakers we got for staying overtime. These are men's sneaks since they didn't have any women's in my size. These are also samples, not in stores yet! Too bad I don't need a new pair of sneak. I'm still considering selling them on Ebay or something.


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