Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kimora Lee Simmons (Hounsou!) at The Learning Annex

   I went to see Kimmora Lee Simmons at the Learning Annex on April 20. This was my second time seeing her. I went to another class she gave back in about 2006. I didn't post about this class right away because I experienced something that gave me pause.

   Right before the above picture was taken, Kimora turned to me and gave me what I perceived as a most "stank" look, like I had said something offensive to her when all I said was "hi". I had to digest that moment  and not make it something it may not have been, but I have learned to trust my spirit. Funny thing is I was her dresseer when she was in the first stages of both of her pregnancies with her duaghters. She thanked me after the shows and gave me the obligatory double kiss on the cheeks. Eh, oh wel...

                         The above picture is of me and Christopher, Kimora's personal make-up artist.

This picture came out  a bit blurry, but you can still see that Kimora answered her cell phone during the class. I was her "husband" Dijom Hounsou calling from Korea(?) I think she said. I she did  call him her husband as well so they must have gotten married under the radar.

   The class itself wasn't as informative as the first class I went to, but she did give us a free sample of her new perfume Dare Me!

   Also,  I will not go to any event without puting on a photo ready face!

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