Sunday, June 20, 2010

Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2010!

The Mermaid Parade is an annual event on Coney Island for the past 28 years! Last year was rained out, but this year was sunny and breezy and drew a large crowd! The only downer was the NYPD making us keep moving to allow freakin' tracffic through. They use to block off the entire street for the duration of the parade, but not this year. I was really annoying beyond the photogs who get in the way of  you taking pictures, but if you can get past that( we usually do) I would tell anyone to see this parade. If you lose interest you can always go across the boardwalk to the beach of hit up Luna Park and go on some rides. This may be the last summer to see Coney Island of (almost) old before the history destroying developers come in and change the landscape.

Wringling Brothers is set up next to the baseball field giving $10 performances!

The elephant's butt ! that's the shot you  get when people are in the way of the better picture.

The guy in the hat is Lou Reed, who was the King of the parade this year. I had a better beat on him but as I stated earlier, people were all in the way.This was the best I got.

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