Friday, February 24, 2012

Michael Kors

Good lord! I meant to have this post up much sooner, but you know how it is when you have a funky wifi connection and lots of picture to upload.


I wasn't able to get all the pictures I wanted for this show from It could have been my wifi connection interference, but whatever...I'll add the pics I want later when I find them. I was a floater at this show. I didn't dress any of the models. I helped other dresseres when they needed assistance.
Overall, this was a wearable collection as Michael Kors  always is, but I  do find that he does the same things season after season. Same style, different  color or fabric, nothing very new. When I'm able to download the picture I will show you. I noticed a look in this show that he did a couple of seasons back only in a different color. I know it is challenging coming up with new ideas each season, but at least if your going to repeat something, space it out enough so no one will notice right off!

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