Saturday, February 4, 2012

Eye Candy

Dang, I almost forgot it was that time of the month. This months eye candy is Godfrey Gao. I saw him on another site where we were talking about our crushes and someone posted him as thier crush. He soon became mine too! He is!

This is from the Huffington Post 1/20/11:

Gao was born in Vancouver but was raised by a Taiwanese father and Malaysian mother. The 26 year old's interests include basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, taekwondo, DJ, playing the drums, track-and-field and ice skating. [....]

Gao graduated from Argyle Secondary School in North Vancouver and studied at Capilano University. At 6'4" (195 cm), he has modelled in local fashion shows for Mantique, Torino and Ecko (G-Unit) clothing. His early acting credits consist of small roles in Star-gate SG-1 and Still-Life -- both of which were produced in his hometown.

He decided to base his career in Taiwan and was immediately embraced by the industry. Godfrey has appeared in seven Taiwanese dramas, from "The Kid from Heaven" in 2006 to the most recent "Volleyball Lover." The paparazzi in Taiwan and Hong Kong has started to follow him everywhere, a sign of his increasing celebrity status. Even though this star is rising fast, Gao still remains a very humble, unassuming and soft-spoken guy known as 'G' among his closest friends.

From DramaWiki:

Name: 高以翔 / Gao Yi Xiang

English Name: Godfrey Gao

Profession: Model / Actor

Birthdate: 1984-Sep-22

Height: 195cm

Weight: 88kg

Star sign: Virgo

Blood type: O
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