Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fashion week Fall 2012/13...Richard Chai

My birthday and the first day of fashion week Fall 2012/13. My first show was Richard Chai. I was at the venue by 8:30. My and the rest of the crew I work with had to wait before we could go in because , according to one of my supervisors, Richard Chai had not paid from the last time they hired us and if we did not get paid first, then we would leave and the would have been a**ed out for dressers. My supervisor got a check and we went in to handle our business.

The designer arrived at about 9:00. A half an hour before the clothes arrived. This news left some of us shaking our heads. This is the first show of the day, how you not have the clothes here yet? They had to take all the clothes out, not time to steam much so a lot was wrinkled. The looks had to be numbered and shoes and accessories given out. In my opinion, the staff of Richard Chai should have pulled an all-nighter to get these things done. I pulled one of many all-nighters, working at Donna Karan back in 1997. I got to sleep after the show, lol!

Despite the chaos, everything went surprisingly well. 42 models, one look each so that helped a lot.Also, the shoes fit all the models! That really surprised me because the shoes are usually an issue for at least one model. They were cute shoes too, leather ankle boots, really cute. I liked some things, some other things, not so much, but the overall look was consistent and being menswear and womenswear together, it was cohesive.

 I worked with Ming.

Worked with Wes.

And Tilda.

Richard Chai

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