Saturday, April 14, 2012

Oprah's Lifeclass at Radio City Music Hall!

I got an email back in March from about her upcoming Lifeclass here in New York on April2, so I sent in my info hoping to score some tickets, but alas, I got a return email that said I had not been chosen for the tickets. I go on about my business and one month later I get another email that said more seats had just becaome available for Oprah's Lifeclass and I had been randomly selcted!!!!!!!! This was one week before the clas!!! I did a booty dance and stood in the cold and rain to get my tickets!
This was like getting the golden ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory only better!
This is outside of Radio City Music Hall after the Lifeclass
Inside the lifeclass. It was a live show and streaming on the internet so we could take pictures and tweet if you had smartphones, iphones or ipads! I had none of those so I just tooke all these pictures with my always present digital camera!
Some of the audience being seated before the class/show.
Me!I pretty much ran from a job I was doing in Brooklyn to get to Radio City in time, so I look a little wilted. I could not believe that my tickets were in the Orchestra section and not up on the mezzanine like the email stated!  Law of attraction at work big time for me!
Special guest Tony Robbins warming up the audeince before it went live!
 Tony Robbins is so inspiring! I saw him speak for thirty minutes at  Learning Annex even hear in NYC in 2007 and said whenever I have the money, I will attend one of his weekend seminars. He got me that pump in just thirty minutes! Oprah and Gayle did his seminar so I'm definately doing it now!
This blurry picture is of Oprah's best friend, Gayle King. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get my camera to cooperate and take aclear picture. I will tell you she looked really good in this hot pink dress.

This is one shot of the the audience, up in the balcony filled to capacity!

Ahhhhhhhh! OPRAH!!!!

Oprah spoke to the audience about Lifeclass and her challenges with building her network.

 This is Tony and Oprah during a commercial break. The guy on the far right is Oprah's long time producer Dean.
Tony, one of the guests and Oprah during one of the class/show segments.

The screen with some of the people who skyped in. There was a women from Australia, another from Russia, and a guy from England who all were up very late(very early for the Aussie!) to skype in and talk with Oprah and Tony. I would have stayed up late or gotten up early too! How often do you ge the opportunity to do something like this?!

 Oprah, what can I say! I love her! She is inspirational ! And she is quite funny too. She would talk to the audience between segments and make comments. She gave away the shoes she was wearing, size10 1/2, to someone in the front rows. I would have ran up there for those shoes if I could have.LOL! I'm a size 10.
Light display inside Radio City as we were leaving.

Another pic from inside Radio City after the lifeclass.

I have been inspired and uplifted since this experience, not so much because of going, but because of the letting go and allowing it to come to me. I finally paid enough attention to realize what Abraham-Hicks has been saying all along...that when you believe and know and are avibrational match to what you want, you relax, let  go and know that it must come to you. It has happened enough for me to know it is true. My purpose after this experience has been to relax, let go and allow the manifestations of all I want to come to me and stop making myself crazy, blocking my good with false limiting thoughts. When I do have some limiting thoughts, I remember this Oprah experience and know that so is possible!

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