Monday, April 16, 2012

Nike and the NFL

Nike became the official makers of NFL gear on April 1 2012. I was there last fall when they did this whole presentaion for the shareholders and what not and got the inside dish that they were going to be the new makers of NFL gear, but it was all hush, hush until they made the official anouncement and did a complete unvieling of the new NFL uniforms on April 3. This was the Brooklyn job I left  to go see Oprah! It was at Steiner Studios at the Brooklyn Navy yard. I didn't even know they had studios in Brooklyn. Eh, now I know!
The picture is blurry because I was doing this on the sly and my camera would not behave and take a clear picture at that moment, but from left to right are:
Jason Witten #82 of the Dallas Cowboys, Kameron Chancellor #31 of the Seattle Seahawks( and sporting the best and favorite new team uniform!), LaGarrette Blount #27 of the Tampa Bay Buckaneers.

Kameron Chancellor taking a nap.
The Seahawks gloves and helmet.
The cool gloves of the Seahawks...
the Redskins....
and the Cowboys.

Redskins and Dallas helmets.
The helmet of my favorite team, the Miami Dolphins because I love Dan Marino!
 The notorious Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles. He got the same reaction from everyone I worked with who saw him in person, he looks good on tv, but eh, in person. Go figure *Kanye shrug*

 Miachel Vick again. This was  during the player interviews. In the background are 32 mannequins of all the NFL teams that I helped to dress and set up the day before! I would love to have two of those mannequins standing by my front door!
The player I assited in getting his gear on, Brian Orakpo #98 of the Washington Redskins. Nice guy! Big a** arms, OMG! He almost elbowed me in  the eye, but I ducked when I saw it coming. He aplogized for almost knocking me out, lol.

Cortland Finnegan #81 of the St. Louis Rams who had just been traded from the Tennessee Titans.

Me and Kameron Chancellor of the Seahawks. I only come up to his shoulder and I am 5'7" when I stand up straight! It was his birthday, he is 24! And he smelled good, said he was wearing Creed. Seattle's uniform was voted the favorite by eveyone there and even other players liked this uniform. I was told Seattle took all the high-techoptions Nike offered. Kameron told us theat the design down the side of the pants and around the neck of the shirt are twelve feathers of the fans, what fans I have no idea, but the uniform was rockin'! Kameron said it, the shirt was tight, lol! I found out that's so when they are playing, other players can't get a grip of thier jersey. 
Jason Witten of Dallas, I didn't get a picture with, but he was very polite, kept saying "thankyou" and "I appreciate it" even though I didn't really do much, but I liked he said it.
One of the players I am going to call out for his "stankness"! Larry Fitzgerald #11 of the Cardinals told a  girl no when she asked for his picture. I thiught I was hearing things as he was posing for a picture for Cortland Finnegan to take on his phone. The girl, my co-worker that day, confirmed  he did indeed  say  no to having his picture taken. Ungraciouss BASTARD!
Wes Welker of the Patriots is a shorty rock and looked kinda dirty beacuse of his scraggly facial hair, but he had pretty blue eyes.
Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers was rather jovia and upbeat even at the early hour we were workingl. One of my co-workers who was at the fittings the day before said he, BR, had everyone laughing.

Anyway....Got all the cool info to share with the bar crowd this coming season. I can not wait!!!

 That was a very early morning after five days of early mornings and lots of work, so no make-up for me. At that point I really didn't are I was so tired, but it was cool meeting the players. I wasn't able to get pictures from last fall, but this is so much better!
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