Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015: DKNY

I loved the bright blue and fuschia. The styling of this line is a bit young for me and a bit to mature for some of these models in my opinion, but I digress. Still, Donna Karan does great coats. There are a few in this collection that I would not mind having. I had to dress three models this season, all underage so we had a private dressing area away from the photographers. They each had one look so it was easy, easy, know, the way I like it!

One of the coats I wold not mind having.

This was the other coat that caught my eye. The left lapel is sequined! Love it!

Liked this coat too!

 My young model, Madison W.

My second young model, Tami Smith

 My third young model, Sanne. I liked this dress.

 I'd take this coat too!

This dress was really cute. I like the flared hems on the dresses.

The designer herself, Donna Karan

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