Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015: B. Michael

The pictures are in random order as I could not find a source who had them in order as the run of show. Floyd Boston with the entertainment show The Insider was filming backstage before the start of the show and I was on a brief ( very brief!) clip that aired tonight! If they have the clip, I will download and post it here. Floyd was really cool. He has enviably great skin and a very nice smile. I wanted a picture with him, but I didn't have the opportunity to get one, shoot!
Anyway, after the show Top Chef Marcus Samuelsson said we did a great job! He's very good looking in person, but much shorter than I would have thought. His wife is gorgeous and tall, of course, she's a model. Valerie Simpson ( Ashford & Simpson) walked by, she's short too. Either they are short or I am taller than I realize, lol! Phylicia Rashad and her daughter Condola were celebrity guest models that walked the runway at the end of the show. Condola is gorgeous, tall! must get the height from her father Amhad, because her mother was on the short. I swear these celebrities seem larger than life on tv and in the movies . but in real life they are not!

 This model is from Angola. She is stunning! She reminded me of Toni Braxton.

 The fabulous Lu Sierra! She is just awesome! A Super, Super model! She taught a few of us how to stand and pose at another B. Michael event a couple of months ago. She is one of my all time favorite models!

 Ms Lu in her second look.

Zoolander! LOL!

 Love this  look! 

 Ms. Lu in her third and final look.

 Condola Rashad

Phylicia Rashad

The designer, B. Michael, between Phylicia and Condola Rashad.

 The Insider's, Floyd Boston on the right.

Valerie Simpson
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