Monday, June 9, 2014

Word of The Week: Endure

Sometimes when life overwhelms us, we may think, "Oh God, the joy has gone. How can I endure this? Help me!" It's at these times of challenge that Spirit reminds us to breathe. And breathe again. The tension eases; the tightness eases. I become aware of The Stillness of God within as I claim my peace. As I continue to focus on my oneness with God, I become one with this "peace that passes all understanding." I feel the peace of God move in and through me; moments become minutes, minutes become hours. And peace is still here.

The journey continues. I endure. I may still feel sadness, pain, or hurt, but I see the light. My joy is returning. 
For this powerful reminder and my ability to endure life's peaks and valleys, I say gratefully, "Thank you, God!" 

AFFIRM: Nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul.  

Mary Ann Sekely, Unity Chaplain
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