Monday, June 2, 2014

Word of The Week: Breaking Convention

Breaking Convention

Spirit knows the longing of my heart; the longing for something different right now.  The still small voice within me says "Open up!  Begin in willingness and allow that to inhabit every cell of your being.  Breathe it in and feel the opening of your consciousness.  Take inventory, especially of your routines; even your 'good ones'.  Routines take us into unconsciousness.  Today, try breaking convention and take a different route to work or school or wherever you are going.  Eat something different for breakfast or lunch.  Take a movement class instead of doing your usual routine at the gym. Also, take note of your language and try to catch yourself when you begin saying things like 'I could never do_____,' 'I always sleep on the left side of the bed,' or 'Me? Write a book? Never!'  Instead, consider the possibilities that could open up to you when you decide to release these declarations.  It's ok to be a bit uncomfortable. 
It's just a thought.  What would it look like and feel like? This is how you begin to open up your life."

Affirmation:  I am open and receptive to Divine Guidance.  I know with God, all things are possible!


Mary Ann Sekely, Unity of New York Prayer Chaplain 
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