Monday, November 11, 2013

Word of The Week


I am grateful to begin my day hearing the still, small voice of God reveal: "You are loved and supported," no matter the story of lack I tell myself. The Spirit of God invites me to broaden my prayers: join with others in prayer, named and unnamed; pray for and with other children of God for their desired good, too. See these wonderful individuals receiving the desires of their hearts. Rejoice for them, and bless them with love and joy for answered prayer.
By becoming more aware of our oneness with God, and with our brothers and sisters in spirit, we all receive overflowing good. Today I affirm and acknowledge there is only abundance at work for us all; I am grateful for my ever-unfolding realization that there is only one power and one presence at work in all of our lives: God, the good.
Affirm: With God ALL things are possible!
Mary Ann Sekely, Unity Chaplain
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