Monday, November 4, 2013

Word of The Week

Divine Plan
I know, deep within, that I am required and vital to the Universe, but sometimes this concept is so beyond my understanding. Could it be?  I am willing to understand and I am open to the inner knowingness. In the quiet, the still small voice speaks: "My plan is unfolding perfectly. Without you, the Universe does not evolve in the same way.  You can't not follow my path.  There are no mistakes.  Everything is in Divine Order.  Yes, like with a GPS, sometimes it is necessary to recalculate a course of action, but you are flexible and therefore, you can handle that!  So relax, and breathe in and out.... The truth is that the Divine Plan is continuously unfolding and the Universe is evolving perfectly because of who you are and how you show up.  Accept this truth and get on with doing what you came to this planet to do:  be the best you, you can be!"

AFFIRM: I know what to do, and how to do it.  Thank You God!

Mary Ann Sekeley, Unity Chaplain
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